Our Staff

Business Services

Professional assistance for all your business related services.

  • Tracy J. Kenniff, OCS, CEO, CEO
  • Vivan Liu, Practice Manager
  • Chris, Billing Services Manager
  • Kari Brunette, Billing Services
  • Donna Sullivan, Billing Services
  • Cheri Wheeler, Business Services
  • Deb U, Records Manager
  • Lynn Alfred, Accounts Payable
  • Jamie Cote, Accounts Payable
  • Dee Letourneau, Director of Marketing & Community Outreach
  • Ryan Underwood, Marketing & Community Outreach Assistant

Reception Services and Call Center Schedulers

Warm and welcoming reception services to assist you with all your eye care needs before, during, and after your visit.

  • Nicole C, Reception Services Manager
  • Lisa J, Reception Regional Manager
  • Brianna G, Reception
  • Brooke S, Eligibility
  • Dariana C, Reception
  • Jazzi D, Reception
  • Jenn W, Reception
  • Joyce J, Reception
  • Laura B, Reception
  • Lisa M, Reception
  • Meghan D, Reception
  • Nichole V, Reception
  • Paula L, Eligibility
  • Salina B, Reception
  • Sue P, Eligibility
  • Tatiana R, Reception
  • Jillian B, Patient Care & Scheduling Manager
  • Talitha M, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Tara M, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Kirsten J, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Beth G, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • John G, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Kirsten J, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Maggie T, Patient Care & Scheduling Assistant Manager
  • Penny R, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Rebecca S, Patient Care & Scheduling

Surgical Services

Compassionate and caring surgical services to coordinate all your surgical scheduling appointments and surgical center requirements.

  • Sharon Baranowski, COA, Biometry Manager
  • Tracy R, Biometry Services
  • Allivia N, COA, Biometry Services
  • Tracie M, COA, Biometry Services
  • Lisa J, Surgical Services Manager
  • Amanda H, Surgical Services
  • Jessenia S, Surgical Services
  • Kate J, Surgical Services
  • Kelsey H, Surgical Services
  • Kristina L, Surgical Services
  • Megen P, SurgicalServices
  • Olivia B, Surgical Services
  • Tammy L, Surgical Services
  • Tara P, Surgical Services

Clinical Services

Qualified clinical services to assist our doctors in providing the highest level of patient care and the best possible experience.

  • Paul Babineau, COT, OSC, Clinical Services Manager
  • Heather R, COA, OSC, Clinical Services Assistant Manager
  • Kim B, COA, OSC, Regional Manager
  • Megan C, COA, OSC, Regional Mangager
  • Anna M, OA
  • Bethany B, COA, OSC
  • Cherie E, COA, OSC
  • Courtney S, OA
  • Illyana C, OA
  • Jaclyn R, OA
  • Janix, OA
  • Jessica B
  • Jeff C, OA
  • Kaylyn R, OA
  • Kimberly N, COA
  • Iryna P, OA, OSC
  • Lindsay M, OA
  • Luda S, OA
  • Marie M, COA, OSC
  • Megan F, OSC
  • Meghan T, OA
  • Michelle D, COA
  • Molly Mae S, OA
  • Priscilla S, COA
  • Sara Q, COA
  • Shaunna W, OA
  • Sivmie C
  • Sydni A, OA
  • Tammy A, OA
  • Tanya H, COA, OSC
  • Taylor S, COA
  • Veronica C, COA

Refractive Services

Experienced doctors and counselors to assess your specific visual needs and recommend the best Laser Vision Correction option for you with the utmost confidence.

  • Kristin Glavine, OD Refractive Services
  • Thomas Maher, OD Refractive Services
  • Andrew Walkowiak, OD Refractive Services
  • J. Nathan Clewell, Refractive Services Manager
  • Aileen K, Refractive/Surgical Services

Contact Lens Services

Convenient contact lens services for personal fitting appointments, contact lens training, and continued follow-up care.

  • Cheri McDonough, COA Contact Lens Coordinator
  • Mary Jo B, Contact Lens

Optical Services

Licensed opticians to advise on the finest frame and lens options available to transform your prescription into the ideal vision plan.

  • Jaime, Regional Manager
  • Linda, MA Licensed Optician
  • Tammy, MA Licensed Optician
  • Sabrina, MA Licensed Optician
  • Joanne, Optician Apprentice