Our Staff

Business Services

Professional assistance for all your business related services.

  • Tracy J. Kenniff, OCS, CEO, Practice Administrator
  • Vivan Liu, Practice Manager
  • Chris, Facilities Manager, Billing Services Manager
  • Kari Brunette, Billing Services
  • Donna Sullivan, Billing Services
  • Cheri Wheeler, Business Services and Records Manager
  • Deb U, Records
  • Nancy L Records
  • Karl W, Business Services
  • Lynn Alfred, Accounts Payables
  • Jamie Cote, Accounts Payables
  • Dee Letourneau, Director of Marketing & Community Outreach
  • Alyn Hastings, Marketing & Community Outreach

Reception Services

Warm and welcoming reception services to assist you with all your eye care needs before, during, and after your visit.

  • Nicole C, Reception Services Manager
  • Lisa J, Reception Regional Manager
  • Angie H, Reception
  • Brianna G, Reception
  • Brooke S, Reception
  • Dariana C, Reception
  • Laura B, Reception
  • Lisa M, Reception
  • Jenn W, Reception
  • Joyce J, Reception
  • Meghan D, Reception
  • Micah C, Reception
  • Nichole V, Reception
  • Sue P, Reception
  • Tatiana R, Reception
  • Terry S, Reception
  • Jillian B, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Alaina B, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Beth G, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • John G, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Kirsten J, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Maggie T, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Penny R, Patient Care & Scheduling
  • Rebecca S, Patient Care & Scheduling

Surgical Services

Compassionate and caring surgical services to coordinate all your surgical scheduling appointments and surgical center requirements.

  • Sharon Baranowski, COA, Biometry Manager
  • Tracy R, Biometry Services
  • Allivia N, COA, Biometry Services
  • Tracie M, COA, Biometry Services
  • Lisa J, Surgical Services Manager
  • Amanda B, Surgical Services
  • Amanda H, Surgical Services
  • Jessenia S, Surgical Services
  • Kate J, Surgical Services
  • Kelsey H, Surgical Services
  • Kristina L, Surgical Services
  • Megen P, SurgicalServices
  • Olivia B, Surgical Services
  • Tammy L, Surgical Services
  • Tara P, Surgical Services

Clinical Services

Qualified clinical services to assist our doctors in providing the highest level of patient care and the best possible experience.

  • Paul Babineau, COT, OSC, Clinical Services Manager
  • Heather R, COA, OSC, Clinical Services Assistant Manager
  • Kim B, COA, OSC, Regional Manager
  • Megan C, COA, OSC, Regional Mangager
  • Alyssa O, OA
  • Anna M, OA
  • Bethany B, COA, OSC
  • Cherie E, COA, OSC
  • Courtney S, OA
  • Illyana C
  • Jaclyn R, OA
  • Janix, OA
  • Jessica B
  • Jeff C, OA
  • Kayla F, OA
  • Kaylyn R, OA
  • Kimberly N, COA
  • Iryna P, OA, OSC
  • Lindsay R, OA
  • Luda S, OA
  • Marie M, COA, OSC
  • Megan F, OSC
  • Meghan S, OA
  • Michelle D, COA
  • Michele F, OA
  • Molly Mae S, OA
  • Priscilla S, COA
  • Sara Q, COA
  • Shaunna W, OA
  • Sivmie C
  • Sydni A, OA
  • Tammy A, OA
  • Tanya H, COA, OSC
  • Taylor S, COA
  • Veronica C, COA

Refractive Services

Experienced doctors and counselors to assess your specific visual needs and recommend the best Laser Vision Correction option for you with the utmost confidence.

Contact Lens Services

Convenient contact lens services for personal fitting appointments, contact lens training, and continued follow-up care.

  • Cheri McDonough, COA Contact Lens Coordinator
  • Mary Jo B, Contact Lens

Optical Services

Licensed opticians to advise on the finest frame and lens options available to transform your prescription into the ideal vision plan.

  • Bryan, Regional Manager
  • Linda, MA Licensed Optician
  • Marc, MA Licensed Optician
  • Sabrina, MA Licensed Optician
  • Joanne, Optician Apprentice