Greenfield Office

Eye & Lasik Center – Greenfield office is located just two blocks from the hospital.  It is easily accessible from Interstate 91, exit 27.  Head south on RT 5 & 10/Bernardston Road/Federal Street.  Go approximately 1 mile, passing McDonald’s on the left.  Turn left onto Riddell Street and the parking lot is on your left.  Or if you prefer, you can come through downtown Greenfield.

33 Riddell St
Greenfield, MA 01301

Phone #:
(413) 774-7016

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Learn More About Our Doctors

Pierre Alfred, MD

Pierre R. Alfred, MD Greenfield, MA


I was drawn to ophthalmology because it gives me the opportunity to help people improve, enhance and protect their vision.” – Learn more about Dr. Pierre today by reading his bio.

John Warren, MD

John Warren, MD greenfield ma | Eye and Lasik Center


My relationship with the patient starts with a meticulous, comprehensive exam. I invest time listening to and understanding your concerns and answering your questions in plain English.” – Read more about Dr. Warren today.

Aaron Fay, MD

Aaron Fay, MD Greenfield, MA


“The pillars of medicine – patient care, teaching, and research – are all important and rewarding. I have been fortunate to work among some of ophthalmology’s leading scientists, and also to teach at a remarkable university for nearly 20 years.” – Read more about Dr. Fay here.

David G. Lotufo, MD

David Lotufo, MD Springfield ma | Eye and Lasik Center


“I became interested in Ophthalmology at a young age as the son of a sight-impaired father.” – Learn more about Dr. Lotufo today.

Howard Ying, MD, PhD

Howard Ting, MD, PhD Greenfield, MA


  • Retina
  • Vitreous Disease
  • Vitro-retinal surgery

“I always wanted to make the world a better place. So, for many years, I practiced medicine with the best doctors at one of the biggest institutions.” – Learn more about Dr. Ying today!

Andrew Walkowiak, OD

Andrew Walkowiak, ODeye care springfield ma | Eye and Lasik Center


“Optometry is the perfect fit for me; I was always fascinated with math, science, and biology. To use those skills on a day to day basis and help people at the same time is very rewarding” – Click here to learn more about Dr. Walkowiak

Steven Vachula, OD

Steven Vachula, ODeye care springfield ma


“My life’s journey is to help others to be their best. Professionally, I do this by helping people to see better, to improve the quality of their lives.” – Read about  Dr. Vachula today.

Jessica King, OD

Jessica King, OD eye care springfield ma


“Being able to help my patients see their best and enjoy their lives to the fullest is such a privilege.” – Learn more about Dr. King today by reading her bio

Karen Wingartz Small, MD

Howard Ting, MD, PhD Greenfield, MA


“Becoming an Ophthalmologist and a Uveitis Specialist has allowed me to practice medicine with my hands and my heart. Uveitis is more than just red, irritated eyes.” – Learn more about Dr. Small today!