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Comprehensive Vision Care

Quality eye doctors and great eye care are closer than you may think. Don’t go to Boston or beyond when you can visit the vision care team at the EYE & LASIK CENTER. Our eye doctors are dedicated to providing comprehensive eye care with the highest medical and surgical standards.

     Routine Care

Routine Eye Care Services Greenfield, MA









Routine Eye Care

Routine Eye Exams

Vision is our most valued sense; therefore, maintaining good eye health is essential. A great exam always starts with a thorough medical and ocular history supported by the use of computerized vision analyzers and visual acuity charts to assess your vision. Our goal is to determine your individual visual needs, and provide you with a prescription so you can enjoy clear vision. These appointments are not typically dilated exams and are billed to your Vision Plan. If your plan does not offer a vision plan, the visit will be billed to your medical insurance. Your eye glass prescription will be updated and can be obtained at these visits.

Optical Shop

For your convenience, our Greenfield, Gardner, and Athol locations offer in-house Optical Shops so you can fill your prescription without having to make another stop. During your exam, your doctor will make specific recommendations that are designed to address your individual optical needs. Many people start by choosing a pair of frames from our wide selection, but we recommend you start by asking our experienced opticians about the different lens and coating options that are available to transform your prescription into the perfect pair of glasses.

Contact Lenses

For those who desire the freedom from spectacles, contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses. Whether you are a first time contact lens wearer, or simply looking to upgrade, recent innovations in contact lens technology now make it possible to improve comfort, add convenience, and even improve the health of your eyes. Our Optometrists are formally-trained and highly experienced in the care and management of all types of contact lenses. We fit your prescription and lifestyle using the most up-to-date contact lens and fitting techniques.

Medical/Surgical Eye Care

Medical Eye Exams

Cataract, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic Retinopathy are just a few of the common eye conditions that may develop as a result of age. Early detection and proper management are key to preventing vision loss. We offer modern medical and surgical solutions to protect and treat your vision. Using only the most advanced technology, we offer the most comprehensive eye exam possible to detect abnormalities and early signs of disease while they’re easiest to treat. These appointments are dilated exams and are billed to your medical insurance. Some insurance plans require a prior referral from your primary care. Eye glass prescriptions are not typically updated or obtained at these visits.

Corneal Diseases & Surgery

Glaucoma Management & Procedures

Minor Surgeries

  • Chalazion / Hordeolum
  • Skin Tags / Biopsies
  • Lid Lesions
  • Punctal Probing / Irrigation
  • Punctal Plugs
  • YAG Capsulotomy

Treatments For Ocular Inflammatory Diseases

Treatment For Retinal Diseases

Advanced Refractive Solutions

Advances in vision correction through the use of lasers and lenses are providing patients with entirely new options that were unimaginable even ten years ago. We offer the most advanced cataract and surgical techniques and a full complement of vision correction technologies.

Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction is a proven technique to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contact lenses. We perform all of our treatments on the WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser which combines wavefront-optimized treatment, sophisticated eye-tracking, and small spot PerfectPulse Technology for optimal results.

 Cataract and Lens Replacement

Cataract surgery is a delicate but safe outpatient procedure that replaces a clouded lens with a clear intraocular lens implant (IOL). Recent advances in lifestyle lenses including multifocal and accommodative IOLs such as ReSTOR®, Tecnis®, and Crystalens® now make it possible to improve vision at all distances, near, far, and everywhere in between.