Contact Lenses

Are contact lenses right for me?contact lenses springfield MA

Contact lens wear is a great alternative to glasses. Recent innovations in contact lens technology provide benefits that make it possible to improve comfort, add convenience, and even improve the health of your eyes.

How can I find the best treatment for my eyes?

Our Optometrists are highly trained and experienced in the care and management of all types of contact lenses, including hard to fit lenses such as bifocal, toric, and post-surgical. During your visit, we will use the most up to date contact lens and fitting techniques to to determine the best lens to meet your lifestyle needs. Fitting appointments and follow up visits are required by law to ensure proper fit prior to ordering contact lens supplies. During these fittings, we will assess and evaluate the comfort and effectiveness of your proposed lenses. Trial lenses are provided at no additional cost to you.

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