Vision Trouble? Might Be Cataracts.

Glare? Trouble Driving at Night? Might Be Cataracts

Glare from headlights stopping you from night driving? Can’t spot your long shot on the golf course? Or worse, the DMV won’t renew your driver’s license? If you’re over age 50, and noticing changes in your eye sight, you’re not alone. These could be symptoms of a cataract.

But don’t be alarmed. Today’s cataract surgery is simple, and presents an incredible opportunity to enjoy clear vision, often without glasses.

To determine if your vision trouble is caused by cataracts, schedule an appointment with one of our expert cataract surgeons, for a thorough cataract eye exam. We’ll perform a series of diagnostic tests, explain your removal and lens replacement options, answer your cataract questions, and discuss next steps with you.

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