Cataract Quiz Answers: Reduce Your Need For Glasses

Cataract Surgery Can Reduce Your Need For Glasses | eye and lasik | greenfield massachusetts


Cataract surgery can

help you see young again.

Lens implant options have made great strides in the past few years, and you now have a choice about the range of vision, and quality of vision, you’d like after cataract surgery.

Traditional monofocal lens implants, which usually required use of glasses after surgery, are still available.  But today, you also have choices of several multifocal lens implants that restore a fuller range of vision, similar to what you had around age 45.  And new Toric lens implants correct astigmatism in one step, eliminating the need for expensive astigmatism-correcting glasses after surgery.

Ask your doctor about lens implant choices, and be sure to discuss hobbies, driving and work requirements, so the best lens implant can be matched to your vision needs.

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